Skill Set: Beginning Knitting
Skill Set: Beginning Knitting Skill Set: Beginning Knitting Skill Set: Beginning Knitting Skill Set: Beginning Knitting
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At Modern Daily Knitting, we have been helping knitters since 2003. Now, we have distilled those years of teaching into the only book you need to start your knitting journey.

There's never been a how-to-knit book like this. It's little. Smart. Encouraging. In 9 short lessons, with dozens of clear illustrations, we teach everything a new knitter needs to know, and nothing they don't.

This is it. Skill Set gives you the keys to the kingdom.


The 9 Lessons

Everything a new knitter needs to know, short and sweet. These lessons draw on decades of knitting experience by Kay and Ann.

Lesson 1 Supplies, Casting On, Knit Stitch, Binding Off

Lesson 2 Purl Stitch, Combining Knits and Purls

Lesson 3 Basic Shaping: Increases and Decreases

Lesson 4 Knitting in the Round

Lesson 5 Basic Lace and Cables

Lesson 6 Basic Colorwork: Stripes, Stranding Intarsia

Lesson 7 Finishing: Weaving in Ends, Seaming, Blocking

Lesson 8 Patterns, Yarn, and Gear

Lesson 9 Fixing Mistakes

We emphasize practice in each lesson, so there are swatches to make for each technique. There's just one pattern, for a simple hat, that lets a new knitter try out the techniques.


Early Reaction: It's a Hit!

We sent advance copies to 241 knitters so that they could teach a friend or family member to knit. The feedback has been phenomenal.

It's short.

"What a lovely book. Simple but so effective! Not too much information, but not too little either. I wish that I had had a book like this when I was learning to knit."

Nine concise lessons.

"Great! Sweet and to the point. I have a couple other beginner knitting books and they are so packed with information that they make it almost overwhelming. Also, I love how you give the beginner confidence to explore many more advanced techniques, as well as small swatches to practice these techniques as you go. I think the name Skill Set explains this perfectly!"

Dozens of illustrations.

"Fabulous! The pictures were very clear and helpful for a new knitter. It's a great beginner book that easily fits into your project bag. It's helpful to remind you of the items you would need to move forward with the next skill. Linda Jean has found this book very helpful to have on hand when she wasn't with me and practicing her knitting."

Tips, advice, and inspiration.

"Excellent compendium of knitting tips and tricks, aimed at the beginning knitter . . . a collection of instructions both ambitious and very useful."

Full of encouragement and humor.

"I am very impressed with the way the book is written. I feel as though someone is present with me assisting me to learn. The graphics are excellent as well."

It"s effective.

"I really like the instruction to just practice each skill. I think we all get caught up in teaching knitting starting with the goal of making a scarf or dish cloth. For my niece, removing the goal of making something and focusing on just practicing knitting made all the difference. She relaxed and wasn't critical of her results."