We are proud to be a collection point for knitted knockers, and are always happy to provide knitters and crocheters with any help or information they may need to participate in this wonderful cause.

All donations must be made with one of the patterns available on the Knitted Knockers website and with one of the approved yarns.

You can find both the knitting and crochet patterns on the download page:  https://www.knittedknockers.org/downloads/

Here is a link to the list of approved yarns: https://www.knittedknockers.org/wp-content/uploads/dlm_uploads/2016/10/Approved-Yarns-3.19.24.pdf

If you visit us at our yarn shop in Zephyrhills, we can give you a printed copy of the version of the pattern that you need and will give free help with making the pattern.

We host free social stitching workshops specifically for making these prosthetics once a month on Wednesday afternoons.  We would like to arrange for evening sessions as well, as soon as we can determine whether there is an interest in that, and what day would work out best for the most people.  We list the dates for these workshops on our Classes in Zephyrhills page.

Of the approved yarns, we carry Cascade Ultra Pima Fine Cotton in a variety of skin tone colors and pinks.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or text us at:  813-904-4153, or send an email to carla@quixoticfibers.com