Sharon's Road Trip 2024 MKAL Kit - Malabrigo Sock - Legend
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It's summer, which means that it is time for Sharon from Security to have a grand adventure and MKAL (Mystery Knit a long)

If you don’t know who Sharon is, she’s Sharon From Security, Casapinka’s snarky cat who smokes and owns a flamethrower. Sharon’s nemeses to date are: Jean from I.T. and her Chihuahua, Shannon, Chad, the Mongolian Death Worm, and Keith the Hiker (from last summer’s Camino MKAL and who still remains at large.) She has a cat employee (Fin from Interpol - in the bow tie) and a cat sister, Kit Kat (the resting hiss face) (you can see their pictures on the ravelry pattern page.)

Casapinka says:  "This year, we have some major fun in store for you guys! Sharon won a 2011 Toyota minivan in a back room poker game (we don’t ask and you shouldn’t, either.) She is working “very hard” to make it into a camper so she can experience Van Life on her road trip (and also pull her tiny camper which she hopes to fill with perps.) We will be sharing updates on the build as the month goes on as well as where she’s going on her Road Trip."

Since this is a Mystery Knit A Long that will  be sent as clues, you should purchase the pattern from the designer directly:

This kit includes four skeins of hand dyed Malabrigo Sock