ChiaoGoo Forte 2.0 Interchangeable Needle Set
ChiaoGoo Forte 2.0 Interchangeable Needle Set ChiaoGoo Forte 2.0 Interchangeable Needle Set
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First released in 2022, 2.0 represents a new version with improvements over the original set.

Forte 2.0 Includes tip sizes US-2 through US-8 made of carbon fiber (NEW for the 2.0 Set, stronger and less likely to break) and tip sizes US-9 through US-15 made of luxurious African Blackwood all with stainless steel tips.  

Made of REACH compliant man-made material, the Forté case is just as elegant and functional as the tips and cables. It includes a double-sided, removable needle board that firmly houses all tips; elastic that securely holds but gives easy access to accessories; and four pockets to hold the rest of your knitting supplies including a spot for your pattern or notes. And, true to ChiaoGoo form, it opens book-style with a full zipper enclosure to ensure that nothing falls out.

Accessories included:

  • 14 pairs of 5" tips (US 2 - 15).  Each threaded steel join is laser-etched with the tip diameter and join size which will not wear off.
  • 6 memory-free SWIV360 cables
  • steel scissors
  • measuring tape
  • end stoppers
  • stitch markers
  • darning needles
  • swatch/needle gauge

In addition to the accessories shown above, Forte 2.0 includes a set of 3 red TWIST [S] cables.  The shafts of these join tips (US 2-8) are made of carbon fiber.

All Forte parts and pieces have [S] or [L] size joins and are interchangeable with all of the other similarly coded interchangeable parts.