Twig Lace Pin
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Made in the USA

White Bronze Patina with Rosewood Stick

2 inch square ring with 4.5 inch stick

Description from the maker: This lovely and delicate Twig Shawl Pin was cast from an actual twig collected on one of my daily walks along the Patuxent River near the Savage Mill where my studio is.  Many days in a row I gathered twigs until I found two with the shape I was looking for and which subsequently became the Twig Pin you see here and the Twig Shawl Stick (ST41).  The Twig Shawl Pin required virtually no modification after it was cast.  I simply curved the ends in towards one another, to create the balletic gesture of graceful (slightly asymmetrical) first-position arms, and added a handmade Rosewood stick made fair trade in Indonesia.

The botanical simplicity of this pin allows it to complement a broad range of knitwear designs and weights of yarn from the rustic to the refined.