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Happy Birthday Tish and Maureen!  You have your own sale!

It turns out that two delightful ladies in the Quixotic Fiber Squad have the same birthday (today, September 14).  Tish and Maureen are both expert knitters. They both also knit incredibly fast, finishing beautiful projects in such rapid succession that it leaves us in awe.

They not only inspire us, they also make us laugh with their wonderful wry wit.  So, happy birthday, Tish and Maureen, we wish you many, many more of them.  May your needles always be clicking.

In honor of their birthday, we are having a special sale.  All of our own Quixotic Hand Dyed Yarns and ALL knitting needles are 20% off until midnight.  Use the coupon code HappyBirthday at checkout to get the discount.

You can use these links to get to the sale items:

Quixotic Hand Dyed Yarns
All Needles

All Sale Items

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